Coaching Services

We offer group support in the form of interactive training and one-to-one coaching. Our aim is to enable you to develop intercultural skills and competencies, and to become more effective in your personal achievement.

We focus on how to achieve personal goals in an increasingly international environment, and how to embrace the global environment through personal effectiveness and communication that goes straight to the heart of issues.

We believe that fostering sensitive cross-cultural awareness and personal effectiveness are vital components for a successful life – both within your organisation and across the society you live in.

Cross-cultural awareness training

  • Exploring culture and culture impacts
  • Identifying cultural expectations and behaviour drivers
  • Cultural communication styles

Living and working in South Korea, UK, Austria, Netherlands

  • Country profile on host country and practical advice
  • Business practices and etiquettes
  • Negotiation, presentation, influencing
  • Effective relationship building

One-to-one coaching

We apply a co-active coaching model, which is a collaborative relationship between the coach and the client as two equals, working towards meeting the client’s objectives. The areas are around:

  • Leadership development
  • Personal effectiveness and developing potentials
  • Cross-cultural awareness