Coaching Testimonials

“Jina is by birth, upbringing and professional development a global citizen. She is however not the superficial, snobbish globetrotter we may encounter too often in consultancy. On the contrary, she is the embodiment of the richness of cultures, valuing nuances and absorbing the uniqueness of those cultures. She is highly committed, eager to learn and has a lot of eye for detail. She is passionate with culture, in all its forms of expression, and knows to energise others.”

Dr. Ulke Veersma. Senior lecturer. University of Greenwich

“Jina is an attentive listener and I have always felt understood as well as heard by
her. She also has an intuitive way of giving very clean observations of key
themes she has heard which have created insight and awareness for me. I have
found her coaching sessions to very useful to me.”
Tracy Sinclair. Managing Director. Versado Development Ltd.

“To say Jina is a superlative coach would be an understatement of significant proportion. We worked together on developing my leadership capacity. Not only did Jina help me think very carefully through my vision and skill set, but also about how I was going to achieve my goals. One of Jina’s strengths is her passion and belief in her clients, and though she works you hard, she makes sure you get results.”
Jonny Timms. English Teacher. Teach First

“Jina has an incredible ability to really listen and be present with someone. Her tone is of support and really genuine interest in the person and belief in them. 100% attention and acute listening that picks up on words and signals from her client. This put me in a comfortable position to disclose more than I thought I would – giving her even more material!”
Julia Weston. Talent Development Manager. Major UK Retailer